1. What can I expect the day of the shoot?

I will meet you at your chosen photo location and spend some time chatting with you and your child to help ease any shyness they may have meeting a new person. Once warmed up, I will casually take photos while engaging the child or while the child engages with you. There really is no specific schedule as each shoot is as different as each child. My only goal is to let the child have fun. Most importantly, let the kids be kids. The more fun they're allowed to have, the better the photos will be. Frequently parents get tense because they feel the child isn't "behaving" and they step in to control the situation. This NEVER works. I may actually ask the parents to walk away at certain times so I can get one-on-one time with the child. This often help focus the child and enables me to get direct eye contact and expressions.

2. What clothing/accessories should I choose?

Keeping it simple and casual is best. Don't be "matchy-matchy," but do keep the style and colors in the same "family" for each person participating. This makes a cohesive look for the photos. I also recommend staying away from business attire as it ends up looking very stiff and formal. Please stay away from graphic/character t-shirts or big blocks of bright white or black. If there is a special outfit or accessory you'd like to see your child in, bring it along. It certainly can't hurt to have options. Also, if your child has a doll, stuffed animal, blanket, etc. that is special to them bring it as well. It will not only make them more comfortable, but will also be captured in photographs to remind you of this special stage in their life.

3. Should we bring anything with us?

If we're heading to a park, a blanket to sit on can be handy. Outdoor toys like bubbles or balls can also add a fun distraction and can also bring out some great moments with kids. Snacks and drinks are also crucial to keeping kids happy and blood sugar high! 

4. How can I reserve your time for a newborn shoot?

Simply notify me of your due date and I'll be sure to keep my bookings light for 7 days before and 7 days after your due date. It's amazing how much a baby changes even within the first weeks so it's important to get those first days recorded as soon as you can. I can come as soon as you are comfortable and ready - be it the same day, or within two weeks. I wouldn't recommend going much past two weeks as there really will be so many changes already.

5. I'm excited to see the photos, how long will it take and how will they be delivered?

Turn-around time is usually within one week. My goal is to not only take as many top quality images as possible, but to also deliver the very best images through post-processing that I can. Your photographs will be posted on a secured website for a 30 day period. During this time you can place your orders for printing or, if you prefer, I offer a disk of all of your images for an additional cost. Please inquire.

6. How should I prepare for a home session?

When it comes to photographing babies and kids, I gravitate to the parent's bedroom a majority of the time. Please be sure to have the beds made (preferably with neutral colors), declutter bedside tables and dust the furniture. My sessions are 2 - 3 hours and I want to optimize that time shooting, and don't want to use the time up unnecessarily cleaning.

7. As a location photographer, how far will you travel outside NYC?

I am located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but will certainly travel outside the NYC area for sessions. I would need to have my expenses paid, or I'd have to have a minimum of 4 families booked. I am also in the Boston area a few times a year. Please call and we can make arrangements.

8. When is the best time of day to schedule our session?

Light is best during the morning or late afternoon. Mid-afternoon light casts harsh shadows and is generally less interesting and less forgiving. Also, please schedule a time when your child will be well rested and fed, and please bring snacks in case they get hungry.